Corporate eLearning Tools

Corporate eLearning Tools

There is not any one person who can say that they know it all, or indeed, any business. Learning is actually an ongoing process for any business. Fortunately, the learning process is much easier today for companies than what it was in the past. The reason being is because there are many more resources available to assist with this.


One of the biggest challenges which any company faces is change. It is difficult to implement, especially when it comes to dealing with the employees. Those companies that recognised the value of eLearning had to learn how to overcome the obstacles that came with employee acceptance. However, once eLearning became part of the education platform, it meant that new employees starting with a company, were more familiar with this form of learning, and were more receptive to it.

The Importance of Updates

Something else which many businesses discovered when it comes to eLearning, is being able to rely on the right tools. It also means that regular updates to the resources being used are critically important.

eLearning Tools

Once a company commits to eLearning, they then have to find which tools and resources are available to them, and which ones are the best choices for their specific company needs.

Corporate Education

One of the tasks which a company is faced with is training or educating their employees. For this to be time and cost-efficient, as well as successful, specific tools, need to be relied on. Some of these can include the following.

Presentations and Graphics

A lot of learning can be achieved through the use of good quality visuals. These are best taught through presentations and graphics. These can range from being simple to complex. A good example of such a tool is infographics. Visual presentations make eLearning more enjoyable and can hold the attention of those who are learning much longer.


Most companies recognise Skype for being an excellent communication tool but don’t realise its potential value as an eLearning means. It can be a great resource for keeping staff in touch with educators who are in remote locations. Joint calls are a great way of being able to educate groups all at one time. It also allows for direct communication between the educators and the staff who are in the learning mode.


Another essential component of eLearning for businesses is for educators and students to be able to collaborate with each other or students with students. There are lots of great tools which allow students to share lessons and work on assignments together. Just as these are used in the school setting, they can also be of great value in the corporate setting.

Assessment and Tracking

Corporations which are relying on eLearning need to have a way to track the progress that is being made. Using tools such as quizzes can provide some valuable information. Employers can determine whether the eLearning platform they are using is valid. They can evaluate whether goals are being reached.


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