How to Make Employees Embrace E-learning

Using e-learning for internal development in areas like customer service, sales and assessment management can help in boosting production at a company. The challenge that company managers are always faced with is to introduce the concept of e-learning to their employees. Some of the ways to make employees embrace E-learning are:

Focus on Personal Benefits

Do not make it look like it is the company that benefits when the employees engage in the training. Let them know how they, too, will end up benefitting. For instance, if you want to tell them about the benefits of customer care and emerging trends, you must also tell them how learning those skills will help in their interpersonal development. You should of course make sure that the courses you have chosen for the employees are in line with their interests and career progression.

Have a Reward System

People tend to do well in activities if they know that a reward awaits them. It can be something as simple as the employee who finishes an e-learning course being named employee of the year. You can also introduce vouchers or giving them time to engage in their favourite online games such as Unibet TV or any type of award that will make the employees feel appreciated. It should not be felt as a bribe, but rather a recognition for putting in an effort.

Add it to the Assessment

Companies always have a method of appraisal that dictates things like promotions and bonuses. Managers should consider adding whether the people finish e-learning modules as part of the appraisal. This is especially important if the company is transitioning to new systems or new ways of operation and they need to use e-learning as a way of bringing everyone on board.

The important thing is to choose the right e-learning platforms and allow flexibility for the employees to do the courses upon their convenience.


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